Monday, March 2, 2009

Success! And other things.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Exhibition! I must have drawn at least 20 Manga portraits on Saturday, so I hope everyone enjoys (if not already framed) their unique souvenirs from the day. :D Due to the size of the scanned picture, my Main Manga Art can be viewed here:

As a side-project, I've been trying the Comic Cover challange as set on John K's blog here This is the best of my efforts... more later.

My sketch:

Compared with original cover:
OHO. D: It needs a twidge of re-working, but what the hey.


  1. the lines are a bit choppy. actually very choppy, but the construction seems to be there. try using different colored pencils for different steps.

  2. Thanks James, I was bad and done a really scratchy outline first, then adjusting it. D: But I'll get back to doing it again! You know, properly. :3