Sunday, August 30, 2009

Work 'xperience.

Starting my day tomorrow at Cartoon Saloon, the famous animation studio based in Kilkenny. It's all for my market enterprise research, and discover the inner workings of an animation studio, as well as my role as a concept artist after college. In return I will have the task of Inking and Painting animation cels.

And yes, I may walk out of there drawing in their house style. :3 I should post more art up here soon.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pegbar Event among other things

Just wanted to thank Ben and everyone for hosting a great afternoon of animation talks at Filmbase: thank you Ben and everyone! It was nice meeting everyone again and knowing how far their careers have been insanely pushed beyond human reckoning. D: I saw concept work for Cartoon Saloon's next feature, Song of the Sea, which by clever marketing ought to push sales of cute seal/Selkie plushies. :D

More on Pegbar Here:

And kudos to these guys opposite the Scientology church on Abbey Street:

scientology anonymous

... why is it that when I click and drag pictures around in Edit Posts that they don't enlarge when clicked on? It's a waste of image hosting space. C'mon, Blogger! >:(