Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Character Designs

Model sheets, of a sort. :)

My latest on my Deviantart Gallery, too: http://probablee.deviantart.com/art/EC-Midknight-Pinup-116227350


  1. Hey Leann!
    Love the manga page above in b&w - great shapes...more form to them, I can how the classes have contributed!
    Will see you next week I imagine - gotta lot of work to do myself. There is a class on 2mrw in Drogheda, tends to be not as good but it is cheap and lasts 3 hrs, in the Arts Centre. Might see you there.

  2. Hillary!? :D

    Hellosh! Didn't know about the class in the Arts Centre; I'd asked them before about LD classes there and said there weren't going to be any. Oh, bums.

    Oh well, I'll perhaps see you at next week's sesh then! :) Hooray for networking! *follows you*

  3. Hey,

    Thanks for sending me the link to your blog spot. You've got some really nice work up. When I first saw the character designs, I thought "They're too good. They must have been ripped off of a how to draw manga book." And then I remembered you drew them...

    Seriously tho, you have to be the best mangaka in Ireland.

  4. Hello, Grace! Best manga-ka...? I don't know, there's one other person who could claim that: Julie/Kitten-chan here --->

    Plus, she earns from her commissions. D:

    Oh well. Thank you for dropping by! :) Do you have a blog, btw? :D