Friday, October 22, 2010

Finn and Fish #1 for sale!

UPDATE! Finn and Fish is now in Forbidden Planet Dublin in the Irish comics section, NOT the manga. ;D Still at €2.50!

Finn and Fish, my first self-published work about Finn McCumhaill and his sidekick The Salmon of Knowledge can be bought directly from me, at a price of €2.50!
Standard Postage to Irish / Northern Ireland addresses: 95c Registered: €5.25
Standard post to United Kingdom and Worldwide: €1.50 Registered: €5.75

More info about postal rates can be found here at An Post's page.

I also have post-Eirtakon stuff for sale at my Deviantart Eirtakon Sale Journal.

Preferred payment: Paypal, but email me about any other methods you may wish to use if you don't use Paypal. :)

Interested? Email

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Concept Art 2008 - P.R.A.G.M.A.

Concept studies for a character VR avatar and a set location for Pragma, a sci-fi short film conceived by Gerardo Orlando. I'll be adding more art as I find it in the meantime. :)

Concept Art 2009 - Phil's Room

Some conceptual work I did for a short film called 'Phil's Room' by R. Bindal. It was a tale of an old man who took photos of every single thing he did in his waking life. :)