Friday, June 4, 2010

Triple Life: Thumbnails and Storyboards

NOT the special update, but...

Here are some little developmental sketches I made before I started major work on Triple Life. I wanted to explore how I could resourcefully get the story across.

I needed some kind of infamous opening scene - avoidng the spoiler here, I made a manual that misled the player into thinking they were going to play the stern everyman Mayor Samuel Delamaine.

This was the bit that was hugely condensed down for time and sanity: I had an extra couple of characters that were plot mediators between the Claymason and Sunaru Institute missions. You had a choice of a local scantily-clad super heroine or a ditzy conspiracy theorist drop hints (I wanted to have hidden symbols in the backgrounds!).

This made it: the story splits in two if you decide to answer the phone or open the letter. Friggin' twin programming!

BONUS: The Claymason History! After understanding what the Freemason Calipers symbolise, I kind of screwed with the idea and made a suitable Claymason backhistory and emblem badge. This was a cutscene in the game where Simon automatically explains the Claymason's history.


  1. Really, really cool art style. Like it.

  2. Thank you, Alex! Your stuff is AMAZING, btw. :)

  3. Well thank you too.
    Genuinely taken with your style.
    Very high standard of work.

  4. :D At the risk of thanking each other all day, nice of you to drop by my blog too! I'm hoping to get more conceptual/background art up soon.