Friday, February 26, 2010

TL: Trinian Cel Sheet

Booyah! The first Triple Life art post here! So, yes, this is part of my Major Project - I'm working on a visual novel that is also a Sim with a twist. This is a cel sheet full of the lead character's (an Evil Overlord of sorts in real life) myriad expressions.

I'm going to assemble a step-by-step process at some point, but I basically done a rough structural sketch, cleaned it up with a mechanical pencil, and coloured it all in Photoshop. Et voila! Expect more characters soon!

Oh, and the Visual Novel builder I'm using, called Ren'Py can be found here:


  1. Absolutely brilliant work Leeann, love this guy's look and the way you've followed through to a really nailed down model sheet. It's hard enough doing a one off drawing this good but then to break the character down to a series of poses, all of them great in terms of both character development and draftsmanship, is another story altogether.

    I'm seriously awestruck!

  2. Very nice characterization and I find the whole visual novel idea very appealing. I wrote a dozen or so choose-your-own-adventure books back in the day, as well as designing PC games, so I feel this is a gaming genre that deserves to find a bigger market in the West.

  3. Thank you Mr. Morris for dropping by! I actually like those kind of books - I'm even recreating (as part of my college brief) Triple Life 'promo posters' in the style of a old dog eared FYOA style book. And, yes, I will get some art up asap. I also intended for Triple Life to be a kind of God Sim/ Strategy in a more professional context.

    And sorry for squeeing a little here, but I find it awesome that you wrote a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles FYOA series! I was such a huge fan of the show when I was four/five years old! XD

  4. 5 years old! Thank you, Leeann. I feel ancient now :-)

  5. XD Wait what? You think you're ancient!? Me, I'm on my third set of molars, constantly doing price comparisons on homeware and have no idea of what's cool and trendy right now. ;)