Tuesday, January 5, 2010

'01 vs '10

I designed these characters when I was 15 years old circa 2001: you could tell I just wanted to get to the fun part of actually drawing them, without worrying about anatomy and the techniques I would learn in college years later. XD So... I rediscovered these in my bedroom during my visit back home for Christmas, and picked the three less generic ones (too oversaturated with manga-style as a kid to create my own look)... The original name for Briny (the Squid-lady) was a bit daft, though.


  1. Really lovely work again Leeann, I particularly like Briny the Squid Lady - fantastic elevation shot!

  2. Thought you would. ;) :p Thanks for stopping by! Hope the New Year's going great for you!

  3. It's always such a pleasure seeing your work go up Leeann.

    New Year's shaping up nicely, love looking at the snow, might see if I can tempt the missus out for a snowball fight. We'd go tobogganing apart from the kids up the road have got our sledges at the moment.

    Bubble wrap is good tho ...