Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An original character!

Larger version and more details can be found at my Deviantart page. :)


I've also started an Opencanvas post on my Conceptart thread, where I update just that post with random doodles I make with the program. It's a good beginner-friendly program for those who like painterly effects but is unsure about Photoshop brushes and things. Just remember to switch the language from Japanese to English under the 'Help' option! :D

the encounter

Post here:


  1. Hey Leanne!! Happy Christmas! Super slow development this side of the pond. I love the new stuff, it is so beautifully rendered - cool work missus. Are you still attending the life drawing classes???...having them on thurs sucks as i can't make it most of the time...hope to change that in 2010 tho. Have a cool New Year!

  2. Hey! Posted back at your blog, k? Merry Xmas!