Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Scans from the Big Sketchbook

Some scans from a very big sketchbook I own... :3

Queen Heidi and Empress Junk, two OCs of mine.

A male character...

These were referenced from screen caps of kung-fu films, and were fun to do. :)

The Back of my sketchbook, which is the front, actually. :)


  1. Great kung-fu sketches. I liked the one of Empress Junk too.

  2. Hey Leann, will c u in class nxt wk, might be weds tho as Gill mentioned she might start up a day class! Cheers for the tips - aiming to put up a comic on the web but uncertain how to do so, if you've any tips on that throw them my way please! : )

  3. mge - Thank you! :)

    Hilary - Blogspot somehow removes the hyperlink from pictures if you move them around too much or format them, using up valuable space! D: My method, when posting up multiple pics on a post, is to upload them in reverse (note my storyboard post - it was the only way to keep the links to the bigger pictures) so they appear in the right order...

    I'll be posting a short comic soon with that kind of method, so you can check it out for yourself. I had a great time at Gill's last night - got some portraits done, too! :D